S AM Basel - Dichtelust - Forms of Urban Coexistence in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the concept of density has noticeably negative connotations. In Swiss political debates on urban development and land-use planning, density is often used as a discursive weapon, conjuring up terrible visions of built upcities and horrific scenarios with high-rise buildings overrunning the evolved city centres. This negative image has to be corrected. The exhibition will demonstrate what density actually means, namely sensible utilisation of buildable territory. (the curators - S AM Basel)

As part of this exhibition Dichtelust in Swiss Architecture, the project for Escher Park Zurich project will also be presented.

exhbition: November 24th, 2018 - May 5th, 2019
venue: S AM - Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel
address: Steinenberg 7, Basel 

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