A new House for the taz

Piet Eckert presents E2A's winning project to the taz collaborative members

On September, 13th, 2014, Piet Eckert presents E2A's project which has won the international competition in summer this year, at the taz collaborative members' annual meeting in Berlin. 

The architectural design of the new house for the taz recalls the Moscow "Shabolovka" radio tower by Vladimir G. Shukhov from the early 1920s. Its structure, designed as a network with a minimum of material reached maximal load capacity, becomes the symbol of a support system in which each element having the same importance. The net is a structure in which all the parts have to perform equally and only together achieve stability. It is a system with no hierarchy. The architectural appearance of the new house for the taz becomes structure and symbol of the organization at the same time.

The network as a structure and system without hierarchy is the central idea and takes the attitude of the taz. It is the dominant theme of the facade and Defines the appearance of the house. The façade conveyed an image of the taz: the newspaper as a workshop and and a production facility.

(Jury proceedings)

Friedrichsstadt Figure Ground Plan
Friedrichsstadt Figure Ground Plan