Portoacademy 2016

Studio Piet Eckert - booklet online
The studio investigated formal and spatial generative specificities of Oporto and engaged such discoveries in an interpreted form of architecture.
A discovered specificity encounters the normative expression of form, it becomes an ingredient to inform a standard, a building typology, a generic condition. Ingredient and standard generate a hybrid relation. They casually relate to each other and are more than the sum of all its parts. Mix, assembly, arrangement and composition of the known and the discovered obtain a new singularity, in which the parts are recognisable, but no longer restorable.

The students developed an architectural body that results from a concept of duality. The work reflects the relation and the conditions how former individual singularities become indispensable components.

view booklet studio Piet Eckert - portoacademy 2016

Studio Piet Eckert, Portoacademy 2016
Studio Piet Eckert, Portoacademy 2016